About Jan Puccelli


Photo by Daniele Whitney

I've loved art my whole life. Whether it is a photograph, a piece of artwork using a medium like pastel, oil, or watercolor, a piece of beautifully crafted material, or wonderfully prepared food. To me, when someone takes the time to create, it is special and comes from one’s imagination and one’s heart. 

Photography is a way to capture a moment, an emotion, or mood and provides a way to keep those moments in time. A beautifully created or captured image can take your breath away and may even transport you to a moment and leave you in awe. Whether it is an image created for personal or professional purposes, when you have the honor of capturing the spirit of a person, an event, a place, or even an object and that image communicates the emotion you felt or witnessed to the viewer, you have been successful. 

This is what I love about photography.  Having the honor of capturing those moments and sharing them with you.  

My business offers a variety of services (Wedding, Commercial, and Portraiture) with a true people connection, an artistic eye, great organization skills and on the consumer side a way to keep true memories.  On the Commercial side, I offer the same with a professional approach to all assignments.

If you like my work and are interested, please see the contact page.

Thank you for your time and interest!

Member - Professional Photography Association

Graduate - Hallmark Institute of Photography

Professional Portfolio of Excellence

Commercial Clients:  

Indigo Studios

Equus Athletics

Hubbard Physical Therapy

Golden Ball Tavern Museum